The GendAi project addresses the topic of promoting gender in and through sport, with special focus on equal opportunities in teaching and leadership.

The main target groups are female Aikido practitioners and female Aikido instructors (Aikido trainers). However, the ultimate aim is to target the Aikido community as a whole in order to change the general approach towards female practitioners. 

The project aims at identifying measures, such as adapted training methods, to create a "female-friendly" environment for aikido practitioners. It focuses on collecting data, information and experience from high level female instructors through research and interviews to establish a database of common knowledge. Based on the experiences to be drawn, the best practices Guidelines for creating female-friendly training environment with the aim to increase and retain the number of female aikido practitioners will be recommended, throughout the network of the European Aikido Federation, to the other member organizations within the EU. These practices can also be used as a basis to develop the curriculum of Aikido instructors in general.

Themed around education and sports, this project is designed to have clear relevance to EU policies surrounding gender stereotyping and misogyny, as a form of social exclusion.